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          Buy Back Guarantee (rules apply)

          $10,000 Honor Guarantee

          Recall Report Plus: 

                 90-Day Home Warranty



                 Platinum Roof Protection Plan

                 Home Owners Resource

                 Concierge Service

          BuildFax Property History (if available)

          Home Gauge Reporting Software

          Move-In Preparation

          Home Energy Report

          Home Energy e-Book

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Our reputation is our most valuable asset. Our clients rely on us

to provide them with thorough and accurate information to help them make wise decisions. Our experience, training and professionalism delivers that information

in understandable written reports; but it doesn't end there. Monthly newsletters

provide maintenance tidbits while the "Home Owners Network" offers

immediate assistance should problems occur.

Standard Home Inspection



BuildFax Property History Reports


We use BuildFax's easy-to-read, standardized report where appropriate to run a Property "Background Check" before heading out to your job.

BuildFax Data

  • 8 billion data points on more than 80 million U.S. commercial and residential structures

  • Construction history on properties in 8,500+ cities, counties, and townships

  • Remodels, new construction, pools, demolition, and roofs

  • Covering all the trades — mechanical, electrical, plumbing

  • Data points include inspection/contractor history and more

We arm ourselves with the construction history of the property so that we know more about the property going in, especially by using BuildFax's 19-point risk factor summary.

We share documented repairs (such as HVAC updates and roof replacements) and value increases (such as additions and remodels) with you to help you have better peace of mind in the property purchase.





BuildFax provides inspectors with deep insight into a property, including all details of permitted home improvements and renovations made to the structure. This includes additions, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing updates, roof replacements, renovations, demolitions, and more. In addition to permitted updates, BuildFax Property History Reports Reports can also show spans of time when updates haven't occurred (often great indicators of aging systems).


The cost of a BuildFax Property History Report is $0.00 for our clients.


BuildFax has permit information on the majority of permits issued in the U.S. In some areas, coverage is 90% or higher. In other, more rural areas, permit information is still being gathered, and more data comes online every day. As well, only permitted information is available. Should work be done that was not permitted, it wouldn't show. Data prior to online input is not available also. We find it normally goes back a couple of decades. Should no data be available, a report would not be run, but its absence tell us quite a bit. New homes obviously have no data yet.


BuildFax data is primarily sourced from permit data and collected directly from the source - the building department. This collected data is standardized into a common report format and mined using advanced data analytics to highlight the information that matters to inspectors and weed out the cryptic "noise" often found within permit text. The net result is an easy-to-read report that arms inspectors with the life story of a property.


Move-In Preparation


There are a number of items which must be done in preparation for your move to your new home. There are things that should be done. There are things we highly recommend to be done. And there are things that you would like to be done now that the house is empty.




  • Set-up all utility service accounts and have them turned on....electric, gas, water, phone, trash, postal, etc.

  • Arrange for optional services...internet, cable, alarm, etc.

       Note: these first two can be handled by our concierge service if you so elect to avail yourself of it.

  • Obtain the following items from the previous owner...trash cans, keys, codes for entry access, remotes, operation manuals, warranties, dates of manufacture & installation, etc.

  • Collect information on various city/county rules (street parking, use/zoning, etc.), neighborhood covenants, etc.




  • Replace all smoke & CO detectors.

  • Strategically place the proper fire extinguishers.

  • Dryer vent cleaning.

  • Chimney cleaning & inspection.

  • Very important PICRA items not corrected by the seller.

  • HVAC inspections and maintenance.

  • Add permaboots to roof vent pipes.



  • Pressure wash.

  • Carpet cleaning.

  • Pest removal and access elimination...bomb, boric acid, rosemary, peppermint, mothballs, etc.

  • Moderately important PICRA items not corrected by the seller.




  • Interior caulking and painting.

  • Drapes & blinds cleaning and repair.

  • Least important items found during your home inspection.

Our "PICRA Satisfaction (PSM)" and "Move-In Preparation (MIPM)" management service is available for those that have their home inspection done by another home inspector/company. Our ethics do not allow us to perform these services and provide your home inspection.


They are basically construction management services where you pay us a fixed quoted fee. All work is subcontracted through you, the general contractor. We are your job superintendent. We get no markup or kickbacks from any subcontractor. We are totally independent from them. If we happen to be the seller's PICRA satisfaction firm, fees for both parties are reduced appropriately.


We provide line item estimates, advice on subcontractor selection, advice on products and their installation, help in contract wording, help in obtaining builder's risk insurance, help in obtaining insurance certificates from subcontractors for general liability and workmen's compensation, inspection of completed work and sign-off by the original inspector and/or buyer, then finally lien waivers from the subcontractors.

Note: MIPM or PSM services cannot be scheduled online. Please call to discuss the particulars.

Move-In Preparation Contract (See 203-K Contract)