Our Promise To You

In the case of home inspections,

quality must take center stage...and

quality takes time. The average inspection

takes 1 hour pre-inspection,  2 to 4 hours onsite and an additional 3 to 4  hours writing the report which may require some research. Should you request any additional services   (such as Build Fax or Energy Inspection), more time would be required to obtain the necessary information for these benefits. Part of our value-added services is to educate you on the workings of your new home. And not just the day of the inspection. We encourage you to call months and even years after your inspection should you have any questions about your home's operation, maintenance or needed repairs. It takes hundreds of hours of education to become a home inspector and we enjoy and are proud to share 

that knowledge with you.

Make sure you read our "Standards of Practice" and "Ethics" linked below!