Be Wary of New HVAC Warranties

The warranty on my new Maytag HVAC is 12 years, limited of course. After the unit was installed the servicemen left the product information on a bookcase opposite the interior furnace and evaporator. I left it there for two weeks and probably would never have opened it had my brother-in-law (B-I-L) not asked some questions which required a perusal. After procuring the relevant info for my B-I-L, I happened to glance at the warranty page. I was proud of having purchased a 12-year warranty.

I read further, in the fine print. I had 60 days to register the purchase!! And if I didn't do so the penalty was a much-reduced warranty period.

Dropped to 5 years...can you believe that? What bothers me most was the fact that my HVAC company since 1966 didn't know it either. And by not knowing, they failed to point out the importance of registering. I'm sure they would have come to my aid if a dispute had occurred. This should remind us all to read the directions and don't rely on others to protect you.

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