Check All Serial Numbers

As soon as any new equipment arrives (best time) or is installed at your home, be sure to check the serial numbers. Why? To make sure the equipment is new. Isn't that what you paid for? Take photos and save on your computer...they fade with time or just disappear.

Recently I had a new AC and gas furnace installed. It is standard practice for home inspectors to capture the brand, model and serial numbers along with things like the maximum amperage to check breaker sizing. But do we do it at our own homes? Why certainly not! A week after the install, I allowed my home to be used as a training facility for new home inspectors. I bragged about my new unit. It wasn't long before one of the newbies pointed out the serial number of the furnace.

Of the serial number (not the model number), the two numbers for this brand reveal the year and the second two represent the month of manufacture. As you can see, it is 2011 and this is 2017 so of my twelve-year warranty lost 6 right off the bat. I called my great HVAC guys who are replacing the unit tomorrow. This happens when warehouses or manufactured do not adhere to FIFO or first in, first out. This unit had probably been sitting in the back of a warehouse for 6 years unit the stack was worked back to it.

Years probably would have gone by without my notice.

As an FYI, there are 3 major components of a AC/Gas Furnace combo...the AC condenser/compressor, the AC evaporator/air handler and the gas furnace. Check the serial numbers for all three. Below are the other AC components:

The compressor was built in February of 2017.

And the evaporator/air handler in November of 2016 which is reasonable.

Here's a website link that will provide the code for different brands....

Happy serial number hunting!!!

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