Walk-About Inspection


Simply put, a "Walk-About" is an inspection where a buyer or seller joins the inspector taking notes along the way so that he or she may make an informed decision about repairs that may be needed prior to purchasing or selling a home. A walk-about inspection is a powerful tool when you’re buying or selling a home. That’s why Early Home Inspection LLC is proud to offer the service to the Eastern and Southeastern Virginia area.   

A walk-about inspection can be done for 20% off the published price of a standard inspection. 






When should I use a "Walk-About?"

  • When the homes you're looking at are 15 years or older.

  • When purchasing "As-Is" property

  • When you're an investor

  • When the square footage you need is right at your spending limit.

  • When you can't afford any major fixes within the first five (5) years.

  • When needed repairs plus the purchase price surpass the market value of the home.

  • When you know your search will probably require more than one offer, the seller is inflexible regarding repairs and you'll need to pull the trigger on your contingency clause. 

  • When you're a "Flipper."

  • When all you need is a "punch list."

  • When you buy from family or friends.

Hard, Cruel Facts

  • While most sellers mean well, they consider most repairs as maintenance items and normal wear and tear...you shouldn't! We consider a home at market value when everything is functional and will need no fixing or replacement within five (5) years.

  • Sellers don't think they should be penalized for not taking care of their home. They want you to pay for their neglect.

  • Sellers (and most buyers) think market value is based on square footage in a specific neighborhood and while it does play a major role for appraisers, to us, it is only a starting point. We consider quality and livability as more important factors. Quality is based on the typical construction within a given area. If a home has much greater quality than the neighborhood, we believe it should have a greater market value. The reverse is true as well. 

  • There are no perfect homes.

  • Seller's repairs are usually band aids, not lasting fixes. 

  • Move-in costs not typically attributed (nor should they be) to the seller run $1,000 to $2,000. They are:

    • New smoke and CO detectors

    • Fire extinguishers

    • Dryer vent and chimney cleaning and inspections

    • HVAC, well and septic inspections (if applicable)

    • Permaboots 

    • Carpet cleaning, pressure washing, pest bombing and treatments

  • Most home searches require more than one offer and contingency clauses are enacted.

The "Walk-About" Strategy

We have used our walk-about inspections for Virginia Beach homes for years and have helped people save thousands of dollars.  

  • Save 30% off the standard cost for a walk-about inspection. 

  • Receive pictures of needed repairs that were discussed.

  • Determine how a repair needs to be done.

  • Send the seller your repair list and how you expect the work to be done.

  • Negotiate until your costs are less than market value which should include items you might have to replace within five (5) years and possibly even closing costs.

  • Move on if the Seller says no.

  • Start the process over until you find the right home that fits all your needs. Take your time. Don't let anyone rush you. This is much too big an investment.

What If It Turns Out I Need The Full Inspection Later?

We can covert the walk-about to a standard home inspection report with the exception of styles and materials notes. Conversion requires paying the remaining 30% discount.


The physical inspection is the same regardless of inspection type....only the reporting is different. A standard inspection and report adheres to Virginia's requirements while a walk-about does not and thus, by Virginia's standards, cannot be considered a home inspection.  


The following is missing from walk-abouts, but provided with the standard full inspection:

  • Inspection Written Report (styles and materials missing in a conversion)

  • Build Facts Property Report (if available and has information)

  • Flood Mapping (if available)

  • Buy Back Guarantee (exceptions and limitations apply)

  • Newsletter (if client wants)

Prefer Something In Between? 

If you don't want to take notes or are afraid you'll forget something, you can opt for a Walk-About Report saving you 20% off the list price rather than the full 30% off. We are here for our customers and look forward to serving you. Call us with any questions about a home pro inspection.